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Chicago Office:
500 N.Michigan Ave. #820, Chicago, IL 60611
Naperville Office:
1220 E Iroquois Ave. #201, Naperville, IL 60563
Changsha Office:
Rm 506, No.119, S. Caier Rd, CS, China
Guangzhou Office:
Rm A1305, #601, N.Tianhe Road, GZ, China
Shenzhen Office:
Wutong, 5th Garden, Wanke, LG Distr. SZ, China
Case Study

Case Study

Wanxiang America Corporation
This particular trade exhibition in Chicago, was, notably, the only stop that President Hu Jintao made outside of Washington during his January 2011 state visit. For our company, the event was successful first because the tradeshow itself received positive remarks from the Chinese president, who indicated that the future for enterprises in China and the US is very bright, as evidenced by an interest in continuing economic relations as facilitated by gateway cities like Chicago. From the President's visit, it is clear that the work being done cooperatively between these two countries is deeply significant.
Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP)
The new website has increased SRP's exposure to hundreds of interested companies in China. They are now well branded in China, and have a website with a Chinese style and easy navigation. The site is included in search engine results on for the most relevant keyword phrases, giving them exposure to China's vast Internet user base.
IBC Trust Service
IBC's Chinese customers are confident investing their money with a company that speaks their language. Now, Chinese customers from Chicago and around the world can learn how to invest their money wisely via websites designed just for them. The websites are receiving tremendous traffic from mainland China and Taiwan, due to the fact that they are written specifically for that audience.
Systemtek recently had the pleasure of working with the city of Naperville to make their website more accessible to its Chinese-speaking community. Naperville is a vibrant city with family-friendly values and an emphasis on welcoming people from around the world. With a growing Chinese community, this website offers access in Chinese.
Benedictine University
Benedictine University is consistently ranked among the top colleges and universities in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report. With the rapid growth of Chinese students, Systemtek helped Benedictine build its Chinese version website to attract more Chinese students and parents’ attention, broaden their China exposure and help Chinese people understand the university better.
Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company, Inc
Burgess Norton is benefitting from working with Systemtek to create a strong online business presence both in the US and in China. Systemtek's Search Engine optimization efforts have broadened their China exposure, while their knowledge of the China market continues to aid Burgess Norton in growing their base of business in China.
SunSource Holdings, Inc
The Chinese version of the SunSource website has increased the company’s exposure to thousands of interested buyers in China. In addition to accurately and professionally representing the SunSource brand, the site is included in search engine results on for the most relevant keyword phrases, giving them broad exposure to purchasers in China.