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Case Study

Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company, Inc

Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company, Inc

The Client: Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP)

Standard Rubber Products Co. provides a wide range of companies with custom die-cutting services. They are an industry leader in waterjet cutting, laser cutting, and die-cutting of rubber and other non-metallic materials into custom parts and components. They offer manufacturing solutions for many industries, including telecommunications, computers, medical products and electronics.


With China's growth in the automotive industry expanding every year, the demand for piston pins and other products that Burgess Norton manufactures will continue to rise. Their exposure on the internet, especially in China, is one of their main areas of focus. However, they didn't know how to optimize the website or promote it in China.


Burgess Norton required a partner who understood the changing Search Engine Optimization environment, as well as a company that was capable of meeting their needs in the high priority Chinese market. First, Systemtek was able to enhance their website with the proper modifications to increase their exposure domestically. Next, by installing website visitor tracking software, Burgess Norton was able to analyze visitor analytics including the number of visitors, sources, and countries of origin. Systemtek also modified the website's Chinese content and pages to make them all more search friendly in China.


This client is benefitting from working with a company that understands how to create a strong online business presence both in the US and in China. Systemtek's Search Engine optimization efforts have broadened their US exposure.

Systemtek's knowledge of China continues to aid Burgess Norton in growing their base of business in that country. As a result of adding analytics, they have been able to see where people around the world are accessing their website, giving them data to prove that the China market is a viable one for their products. This has proven to be a cost-effective method for testing market interest and acceptance for their products. Burgess Norton now has a web presence that will continue to grow, provide valuable marketing data, and produce results on Chinese search engines.