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EB-5 Project Support

Looking for more investors for your EB-5 business? The best opportunity in the world is coming from China, where investors contribute the most to the US EB-5 program. With our expertise in marketing to China and knowledge of the EB-5 program, Do Business In China is the right choice to use when you need to reach the world’s largest group of EB-5 investors.

We are currently helping many US regional centers and EB5 projects get the exposure they need in China. Their success is based on our unique knowledge of how to professionally reach the audience in China. With our experience in Chinese marketing and localizing our clients' messages, our EB-5 marketing services stand out as a premier way to attract the right attention in China.  

We work with your China agents and brokers closely to ensure your project is a success. We also create and optimize a Chinese version of your website to rank highly in China’s top search engine.  This allows you to reach millions of qualified Chinese investors  who are ready to invest to your US project(s). Our staff in Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen complements our US team in Chicago, giving you the support necessary to market your US EB5 project(s) in China around your clock.

Services we provide for EB-5 in China include Chinese website development, website SEO and localization, logo design, brochure design, translation, sales presentations, video production, video subtitles and voice-over, marketing research, trade show display and more. We can  provide a full range of marketing services to successfully get your projects into the China market.

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You want to test the China market before you invest in costly trips to China to promote your project

You want to test the market without lots of financial commitment

You don't have a big budget for a Mainland China trip and a series of tour seminars;

You are simply trying to introduce your professional services to Chinese clients.

You are thinking about setting up a regional center to fund your project but don't really know what is possible;

You are wondering if your local connection can lead you to foreign investors;

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