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Web Design

Web Design

Chinese internet users are familiar to a different online experience than are US internet users. Content organization, advertising placement, interactive features and the color scheme are often quite different. – DBIC has extensive knowledge in appropriate China web design that has been proven to attract more Chinese consumers. Chinese websites are usually more interactive and content heavy Western websites. No matter how big your website is, we can provide you with the insight of a team experienced in:

Chinese Website Development and Promotion

English to Chinese translation

Application development

Flash Animation

3d/2d Animation

Advanced Graphic Design

  Of course, we will suit your needs. Whether you are a small or large business we can advise you on some simple ways to optimize your website for Chinese users. Are you building a new website from scratch and need to make the perfect impact? We can assign an experienced Chinese web designer to your project. To find out if your website could use any changes to its structure or design in order to better suit Chinese readers, contact us for a free website analysis.