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CNN has been telling us that China will soon surpass Japan as the number two economic giant behind the US. China's economy grew at an astonishing 8.7% in 2009 while most countries still suffered from the financial crisis. But what does this mean to U.S. businesses, especially for small or mid-sized companies? China is a solid market. Sales from China could help businesses more than offset the downturn in the domestic market. Yet, many companies overlook this opportunity. Usually that's because of their perceived risk in doing business overseas, or not knowing how to proceed. The Internet changes everything. With Internet technology, companies are just a click away from the vast Chinese market. It gives companies - even small ones – a connection to this huge market opportunity. And the risk is minimal. By creating a website with simple internet marketing in China will allow your company/product to pop to the top of search results in the dominant Chinese search engines, like This gives you quick and easy access to tens of millions of Chinese customers for your business. And, it's a great way to test if your products or services are attractive to the China market. You can stop there, or, you can opt to expand your investment to China. But, the beauty of Internet is you can get feedback from that market quickly. You will know if your products or services are viable. It's a simple way to expand your market, and perhaps beat out some of your competitors who may already be going global. To create a successful China market expansion, contact DBIC for professional and precise work.